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“North of Valparaiso, on the northern coast of Chile, the area of Cachagua offers spectacular views. The golf club is located in an ideal area beside the Pacific Ocean.

The clubhouse and the buildings of the Golf Club Cachagua are simple and basic, but the club offers exactly what a purist golfer wants: an interesting course from a technical point of view, set in a truly unique landscape”


Chile has perhaps the most recognizable shape of any country in the world. Long and thin, it is 2860miles (4.600 km) from north to south but only 267 miles (404 km) across at is widest point. This means that it has a great variety of climatic and environmental conditions, from the desert in the north to the glaciers of the extreme south. More or less one third of the way in from the scorching pampas and 40 mph (60 km/h) screaming winds of Cape Horn, is Chile’s most temperate belt, which experts describe as “Mediterranean”.

In the middle of this narrow strip of land stuck between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes is Santiago, the country’s capital, while on the coast we have the port of Valparaiso and the tourist area of Viña del Mar, the most famous in Chile, with its beautiful beaches and large hotels and casinos. Going north, the coast gets wilder and less populated, despite the fact that the endless beaches see purposely made for vacationing.

About 45 minutes from Valparaiso is Cachagua, an inhabited area that faces the island of the same name, which lies just of the coast and have as a natural reserve is protected against any human intrusion. It was in this area between the 1940s and 1950s that golf arrived, thought it was barely popular in South America in those days. One of the area’s VIPs, Nemesio Vicuña, donated some land to the future Admiral Edgardo von Schröeder, which allowed a group of friends to found the Club de Golf Cachagua. However, it was two years later, in 1954, before golfers saw the first two holes.

Year after year, the course expanded until it reached nine holes. Other important years in the history of the club are the year 1987, when all the native grass was replaced with Bermuda grass, which is better for golf in those weather conditions, and 1991, when some neighboring land was purchased. The Cachagua course was finally redesigned in 2003 by adding the second sets of nine holes, which bought it to its present-day 6.365 yards (5.820 m).

Its position is stunning, with holes following the coastline on a slightly rolling terrain. A third of the holes are higher tan the rest of the course and from these higher fairways you can admire the marvelous ocean view, the beaches, and the surrounding mountains. From a technical point of view, even it is not that long, the Cachagua course is quite challenging thanks to an often lively wind, as well as cypress and pine patches, large rough areas, water hazards and bunkers. The 16th hole in particular must be mentioned.

It is a nice par 4 and one of the most difficult hole thanks to its narrow fairway which slopes back quite considerably. From the tee we descend along the tree-lined hollow, only to come back up towards the green, which is well protected by bunkers and vegetation. The 17th hole is the most intriguing and unfolds near the beach, where you will be pleasantly distracted by the views. If you are easily distracted, then the last hole will be a challenge as it is probably the most beautiful.




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